Philadelphia, PA, USA


Sharahya's Story

My name is Sharahya I. Saviour, better known as Rahya! I am currently a student at Stevenson University in Maryland. I am a hardworking student with an  entrepreneurial mindset.  

I did not discover my entrepreneurial side I became a marketing intern for a small owned organic beverage business. With the help of a friend of mine, the small owned business was given the opportunity of selling their products at a largely popular women's expo.  Although sales were great,  potential customers kept asking to buy this organic sugar that we were using at the event as a sweetener for the product. Unfortunately, it was not a product being offered for sale.  I then realized that I had obtained valuable insight into what My potential customers wanted.

However, I didn't just want to sell "organic sugar", although it is deliciously amazing!  I brainstormed about how I could take my love for the sweet stuff and use it in products that my customers would love!   I decided to also offer a variety of sugar scrubs, body cremes, facial cleansers, facial exfoliants, and lip balms made from mostly natural and organic ingredients!

I then introduced the public to Sk sugar lovers; Sk sugar lovers fulfilled all of my customer's skin care needs to perfection, but overtime businesses evolve, and I came to love all organic skin care products. Sk sugar lover's is now evolving into Sk Optimum Organics, which is Sharahya's  kollection of organic products. I hope to have you fall in love with natural skin care as much as I have